Monday, December 28, 2015

Hajj - August-Oct 2015

August 2015, my hubby and I went to do our Hajj !  Yes, 40 days in Madinah and Makkah. Okay, only 8 days in Madinah, the rest spent in the holy city of Makkah.  We stayed in a hotel full of jamaah from our tour group Rayhah.  So, we made new friends that we still keep in touch via Whatsapp till today.

Sleepy, this is around 9am, just arrived Madinah. On the way to hotel.  We leave KL early morning,  for our flight from KLIA to Madinah. Flight was at 5.30am.... Aug 26, 2015. Happy & Excited.

 sand storm !

Surprise Bday for hubs!
Breakfast with Sulaiman and Noraizan. Friends from IBM days!
It was of course memorable days for us.

Visit to Quba mosque.  Hubby with our Ustaz Dzulkarnain Hamzah, fondly known as 'Ostadd'. A favourite among the ladies especially.  He he he.

Preserved wall of the old market place (souk) from the Rasullullah's (saw) time.

The Prophet's garden

The Green Dome, The Raudah. Our last night in Madinah.


There are many other pictures of our visits. To the Quba Mosque, Jabal Uhud, the historical but well maintained Prophet's Garden next to the Al-Nabawi mosque, etc but not possible to post them all here.

We leave for Makkah, early September, on the 3rd, I believe.  By bus, to Bir Ali mosque for the beginning of our Umrah. The mosque's toilet has been renovated and much improved! No pictures though, we were in a hurry. Drop in, do our sunnah prayers, niat, and off we go.........

Our room at the ReTaj Safwah Hotel
First glimpse of the Kaabah!
Umrah completed.
Pic of hubby with Hj Radzi (our neighbour!)
New Wing, King Abdullah Gate. Very Grand!
Hubby met up with an old friend, Raja Azhar.


The crane that fell and kill 175 people during the storm.
Sad reminder and its in front of the Prophet's saw birthplace.

Ustaz in front of the Library which is built on the Prophet's saw house of birth.

Ma'la graveyard.  The 'green' gate, is where the grave of Saidinatul Khadijah ra, is located.

The main events :


Our Tent.

Prayers and prayers while you wait.

Jamaah on the ground, makeshift surau. Anywhere, everywhere, between the tents. This was early morning just before Fajr.
It was God's will that we were able to stop and collect stones by the roadside of Muzdalifah. Some buses did not make it, so they just passed by Muzdalifah.  From here we went back to Makkah to do our 'Tahalul Awal'.
Unforgetable Mina.  Because of the stampede tragedy that happened early morning on that first day of stoning, ALL roads leading to Mina were closed. So in the end, we who happened to be in Makkah, we not able to travel by bus to Mina. Instead we had to walk for about 3 km to our camp 115.  Our bus took us from our hotel up to the farthest it could take us and we walked from there. But since we went late at night, we were spared the hot hot sun.
Alhamdulillah, we made it !
Entrance to our Camp 115
Up the escalator to our stoning floor (4th floor).
Mina - some of the tents for 2 million ppl.

Our group of 400 Rayhah's jamaah, on the way to our stoning event at Fajr.

The stoning complex.  Huge, huge, huge.

Our tent. For 3 days this was our home. Now its time to leave. Hajj completed, we pray that we all got Mabrur Hajj. Insya'Allah.
Before Going Home
Some of the 'merewang' ladies. Prepared quite a few dishes for our in-house kenduri.
From left, Ema, Noraizan, Amy, Fairuz, Yours Truly, Zainun

Ustaz giving a speech and makes dua. Food spread waiting....

A few days later, a group of us went to Azaziah and had a Arabian dinner.

The meal above, for 4 people. Rice with baked chicken and lamb.

There.... pour the whole thing on a sheet of plastic and dig in !


Haji Harun, Rayhah's MD, saying farewell to us on the bus leaving for Jeddah.

At the Jeddah airport, waiting for our turn to check in.
Got there at 1am, flight leaving at 7 am.
One last photo on the flight (Saudair), with the stewardesses who has looked after us
on the Upper Deck.
From left, me, Rozie with Fauziah in between the two hostesses.
So sorry can't remember their names.

KLIA! Just arrived! Little Aryan on the baggage!

So happy to be home.....

Another Year

Wow, its been a year since I last updated !!!  Its end of 2015 and not a single post for this year!  Ha ha ha....  Well, this year has been meaningful to us.  We got to go for our Hajj! So greatful for this. Lots of stories here but may be another time....

So tired but Happy. On the way back to Makkah, from Mina. We are officially Hajjah Fazilah and Haji Analiz.

On a sad note, we lost our dear brother in April.  Datuk Azlin Alias, my hubby's youngest brother to a helicopter crash. Very sad sad day for us.  Will miss him dearly.

Azlin with Mufti Ismail Menk

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Just passing by..............

Its been months.  But I have a new beginning !  We have moved to Shah Alam.  I now lives on landed property.  And am going bonkers with planting flowers and greens at every corner of my 'sekangkang kera' Tanah. 

But some sad news though.  My dear maid, Sulmi, who had been with us for more that 16 years, has passed on last June.  She got sick, we thought it might be dengue. Took her to hospital, but tests showed that it was not.  However, a couple of days later, she collapsed from heart attact / stroke.  Doctors said, its because of untreated hyper tension.  She's been self medicating herself with jamu, I guess.  But then, ajal maut di tangan Tuhan.  She did not suffer.  A couple of days after admission, she passed on.  We made all the arrangements and sent her back to Indonesia.  We will miss her.

The pictures that I have of her are all without any hijab on.  So, am not going to put it up.  I can see her anyway, in my mind, at any time of the day.


Monday, April 28, 2014

It's been 2 years................

Good God! Had it been that long since I last updated this blog.  Yup. Looks like it.  But then, I'm not the only one... a lot of bloggers seems to have more or less abandoned their BlogSpot.  Not the IN thing any more I guess.  Most are now into Instagram or Twitter, even Facebook is less popular now.  I have them all by the way....  he he he.

I'm still into baking.  I recently went for my Umrah, Alhamdulillah, even visited Baitulmaqdis, the Al Aqsa. Syukur....

The Al Aqsa Mosque, Baitulmaqdis

Dome of the Rock Mosque

The Nabawi Mosque, Madinah Al Munawarrah

Qhubaq Mosque, Madinah

Masjidil Haram, Makkah Al Mukarramah

The beautiful Kaabah